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Mohammed Azharuddin
"This victory alone is not the change we seek -
it is only the chance for us to make that change."
— Mohammed Azharuddin, MP, Moradabad
Mohammed Azharuddin, fondly known as Azza by all his fans and lovers is the living legend of Indian Cricket from the days of 1984. He was born in 1963 in Hyderabad and completed his schooling from famous All Saint High School there. He spent most of his childhood with his grandfather Mr. Vajehuddin in Murshidabad and has greatly inspired by his teachings.He has inherited the moral values & principals of life from his grandfather which make him perfect & left his example as an idol for the generations to come. He is married to former Miss India and then famous film actress Sangeeta Bijlani and has two sons Asad and Ayaz. Today, at 47, Azhar is a full time politician who is working hard round the clock for towards the development of his constituency Moradabad.
Azhar made his entry into Indian Cricket in 1984 and continued to step up on the glorious path of success until 2000. He led the Indian Cricket Team for most of 1990s and proved to be one of the most successful Captain in the history of indian cricket. The batsman played hundreds of matches and set quite many records as precious milestones for his successors. This journey stopped at 99 test matches, when he was just a step away from joining 100 Test Club.

Azhar joined Indian National Congress just before adding one of the most convincing victories in Parliamentary Elections- 2009 from Moradabad constituency, Uttar Pradesh. As a Member of Parliament (MP), Azhar is actively engaged in Indian politics, and given all his commitment and devotion for the upliftment of marginalized people of the society by taking initiative from his own constituency.