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Why is Moradabad called Moradabad?

Moradabad, Uttar Pradesh (India)

Moradabad is a city in Uttar Pradesh state of India. It was established in 1600 by Murad, the son of the Mughal Emperor Shahjahan; as a result the city came to known as Moradabad. It is the administrative headquarters of Moradabad District. Moradabad is situated at a distance of 167 km (104 miles) from the national capital, New Delhi, at the bank of River Ram Ganga (a tributary to the great Ganges). The city is famous for its huge export of brass handicrafts to North America and Europe, and is also thus called "Brass City" or Peetal Nagri (in the local language).It has close to four million citizens of various ethnicities and religions.

Moradabad - The Brass City of India
Moradabad, Uttar Pradesh (India)

Moradabad is known for its ornamental brassware the world over.It has the distinction of being the biggest exporter of brassware in the country. The city is one of the potential cities for innumerable business opportunities and forms a large center of trade in India. The brassware is exported to North America, and Europe.Due to the high level of manufacturing of brass ware in the town, Moradabad is often referred to as the Peetal Nagri meaning the Brass City.

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