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Mohammed Azharuddin
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1. Posted on : 15.01.2011
   What will be your priority as MP?
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If elected to Lok Sabha, my top-most priority would be the development of Moradabad. I shall accord highest priority to providing basic amenities.
2. Posted on : 18.01.2011
   What are your first impressions about Moradabad?
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My initial impression was that I was shocked by the extent of poverty here. This area is very backward. In fact, I never expected it to be so backward. The state of roads is terrible. Poverty is all over the place. There is no proper system in place. It lacks basic amenities like bijli (power), sadak (roads), paani (water). Power shortages are terrible here. Unemployment is also a major problem here.
3. Posted on : 22.01.2011
    Why did you choose the Congress party?
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I have always been a follower of the Congress party, which took the lead in India’s freedom struggle. I have been a great admirer of former Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi also. I feel the Congress is a secular party that has an inclusive agenda that can take along all sections of people. The Congress also has a focused development agenda, which, I strongly feel, is the need of the hour.