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Mohammed Azharuddin
"It is essentially true of all gifted people that sooner or
later they will realise their true potential, regardless of
their circumstances. "

  Azhar has set quite many records during his tenure in Indian Cricket team. Some of the   memorable achievements include:

  • Azhar is the only player in the world to have hit three consecutive centuries in first three Tests

  • Azhar is the only player in the world who has taken 156 catches in One Day International (ODI)     Cricket.

  • Azhar has been the most successful Cricket captain in India ever, by winning highest number of Test matches (14) and ODI matches (103) during his captaincy.

  • Azhar is the only batsman to hit fastest ever ODI century by an Indian off 62 balls, against New Zealand, in 1988-89.

  • Azhar is the first player who has played more than 300 ODIs during his tenure.

  • It was Azhar who led the team that defeated England on its own land by 3-0 during 1992-93.

  • He played 99 Test Cricket matches and hit 22 centuries, with an average score of 45 runs.

  • He played 334 One Day International (ODI) Cricket matches and hit 7 centuries with an average of 37 runs.

  • He is the first player who scored centuries in his first and last test matches.

  • He won his first political election as an Indian National Congress candidate from Moradabad constituency in 2009.