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Mohammed Azharuddin
"It is essentially true of all gifted people that sooner or later they will realise
their true potential, regardless of their circumstances."
— Mohammed Azharuddin, MP, Moradabad

Azharuddin was borne to father Mohammad Azizuddin and mother Yousuf Sultana in the year 1963 in Hyderabad. Azhar was the apple of his grandfather’s eyes and spent a lot of his childhood with him in Musheerabad. It was his grandfather who inspired him to keep high ambition in life and the one who could foresee a national player in his grandson. Mr. Vajehuddin, his grandfather, had predicted that grandson would lead the Indian team one day. He did it but his grandfather was not there to see it. Azhar’s grandfather had passed away just a few days before his selection in Indian Cricket team in 1984. The champ still receives inspiration from his grandfather’s teachings that he taught him in his childhood.

Azhar was married to Naureen in 1988 and has two sons Asaduddin and Abbasuddin from her.

One of Azhar’s sons Mohammad Ashaduddin, popularly known as Abbas, is following his father’s footprint into Cricket.